Park Safe Premium Front Sensors

Park Safe Sensor

Park Safe Parking Sensors Use Ultrasonic Asymmetrical Technology Which is Used by Car Makers Like Mercedes Benz. With Ultra
Wide Detection of 160 Degrees Horizontally & 60 Degrees
Vertically They Cover 100% Compared With Conventional Systems. Made to a High Quality, 

Front Parking Sensors Premium

This Kit is Primarily a Visual Aid, it Comes With
a Dash Mounted Display Using 10 LEDs (5 Zones) That Light to Indicate Distance & Direction of Objects. Although This is a Visual Kit There is a Warning Beep When an Object is in The Last 2 (Red) Zones.

Colour Matching

At Carkitme The Appearance of Our Cars is Very Important to us, Thats Why we Colour Match to The Best of Our Abilities. We Have The Sensors Professionally Painted to Your Vehicles Colour Code Before we Come Out For Installation & if we Get it Wrong we Will do it Again Because we Understand The Appearance of Our Work Can be as Important to You as Its Function.

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